URSIDS - That is Bears

URSIDS - That is Bears

URSIDS - Bears that is

The Origin and Evolution of Bears in Mythology and Science through to the future

A seven-part video series emanating from an online class taught by Jim Halfpenny and Jim Garry on October 30, 2021 .

There was a time when there were no bears. What does the fossil record tell us about when and where bears come from? How are bear species related and how did they arrive in North America? What do the tales of the native tell us about first contact with humans and about the bear itself? What do bears teach and why do they have short tails?

The class is designed to complete the story of the bear by answering question such as these. For most, the chapters of the bear story they think about are biology (e.g. physiology of hibernation), behavior (e.g. standing to look) and ecology (e.g. interactions with the biological world such as which plants to eat). BUT there are more seldom heard chapters which the Jims cover. Learn the bear story as follows:

- The Bear Arrives: Halfdogs to Bears

- Ancient and Modern Folklore

- Living Bears: A World Tour

- Bear: A Route to Heaven

- Bears Sleep.  Bears Dream

- Grizzlies: Yellowstone and More

- Bear: An Animal for All Seasons

There are handouts for this class. If you chose to watch online, you will be sent directions, handouts and links by email. Handouts are included on the DVD. The complete video series runs over six hours.

The collection of these chapters of the bear story are available no where else!

As to the Jims, both have lived and loved bears while teaching in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for over five decades. Their experience with bears ranges from the southern U.S, border to the Arctic; from black bears to grizzlies, to brown bears to polar bears. Both have written many books (besides this Web site also go to Amazon.com).  

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