Cougar, Mountain Lion, Puma, Painter, Panther, Catamount - all the same!

Secret, elusive, cougars are the creatures of myths and rumors. Capable of killing people, cougars stir our imagination, curiosity, and fear. Improve your knowledge about cougars, their presence, dangers, and management. Jim will also cover cougar ecology and how cougars interact at the human interface.

Additional topics include population biology, behavior, pet trade, locating tracks and signs, determining age and sex, verifying presence, collecting quality evidence, and other tracking subjects.

The workshop will provide the knowledge and skills needed to accurately identify and document signs of cougars, dogs, lynx, wolves, and other rare carnivores.

Program is not a field program but includes sandbox tracking and participants making plaster casts of rare mammal tracks. Particpants will learn how to purchase, make and place various trail camera sets for cougars and other mammals.

Taught by Dr. Jim Halfpenny and David Neils. Certification included.

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