Yellowstone's Most Elusive Carnivores

Yellowstone's Most Elusive Carnivores
Searching For Yellowstone's Most Elusive Carnivores Lynx and Wolverine
Offered through the Yellowstone Association, register at (307)344-2294. Do not add to your shopping basket.
Taught by Jim Halfpenny, Ph.D.
How do you study an animal you seldom see? You値l discover the answers by working with a scientist who is researching Yellowstone痴 most elusive predators葉he wolverine and the Canada lynx. You値l learn to identify these carnivores, their footprints, and their sign. You値l visit a live-trap used on the wolverine research p roject and see how hair-snare devices can detect Canada lynx. And you値l find out why this research is so important to these animals and the rest of Yellowstone痴 ecosystem

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