Taught by Dr. Jim Halfpenny

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On this course, wel spend our days high in the Beartooth Mountains learning about the interaction of geology, climate, plants, and animals that together form the alpine ecosystem. We will also examine individual species and the remarkable adaptations that allow them to survive and thrive in this extreme environment.
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Into the Northwest Passage: through the Arcitc
This is the BIG one!!
Expedition led by Jim Halfpenny,
Travel by plane to Kangerlussuaq (Sondre Stromfjord), Greenland and then by class 1-B icebreaker up the coast of Greenland. We will make a run to see how far north we can go between between Ellesmere Island and Greenland. Next we will travel south to Resolute into the Northwest Passage to finally end up at Kugluktuk (Coppermine), Canada to fly back to Toronto.

Expedition of a life-time: glaciers, Inuit, icebergs, climate change, walrus, polar bears. Shipboard lectures with daily field trips ashore.

Make your reservation now. Cost varies depending on berth. Call Jim Halfpenny at (406) 848-9458

Dates: Aug. 7 - Sep. 22, 2017.

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Fulfill your Arctic dreams with an expedition to photograph the Aurora borealis, build igloos explore northern culture, and roam the shores of frozen Hudson Bay.

Few places exist where northern lights dance and shine as clearly as the edge of the Arctic circle. The sunspot cycle is nearing maximum and Hudson Bay is under the auroral oval making SPRING one of the best times for the next 11 years to photograph northern lights.

Marvel at a dancing rainbow colored sky and experience life in a winter wonderland.
Share your time with Arctic fox and ptarmigan. Live in a sub-Arctic research center and wonder at native arts and crafts.

Instructors: David Marx, photographer and Dr. Jim Halfpenny, polar explorer

When: no expeditions currently scheduled
Where: Rendezvous in Winnipeg, Fly to Churchill

Cost: $price will be decided when offered again. US includes round trip flights from Winnipeg to Churchill, Canada, transportation, lodging and meals Churchill Northern Studies Center, and services of instructors.

Registration fee is $not open by check to
A Naturalist's World PO Box 989, Gardiner, MT 59030
We cannot accept credit cards for this expedition.

Minimum: 7; Maximum 12

While we will be on Hudson Bay, NO polar bears will be observed as polar bears are offshore on the packice hunting seals during the winter.
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