Charting Yellowstone Wolves: 25th Anniversary Edition


James Halfpenny

Leo Leckie

Shauna Baron

The successful reintroduction wolves to Yellowstone was the greatest wildlife experiment of the 20th century. January 12, 2020 marked the 25th anniversary of the first Wolf arriving in Yellowstone National Park. This book honors the wolves by their individual stories and documenting their family trees starting in Canada.

The book is a genealogical record with written narratives for each wolf. Contained within the book are all the color, annual charts from the beginning. The charts show wolf families including their members and pictures of many individual wolves. Charts were produced each year as a scorecard for visitors arriving in Yellowstone so they could perhaps see and enjoy knowing wolves in the wild. For each wolf that has been radio collared and Yellowstone, there is a written story describing what is known about its life. These are the stories of the famous wolves such as 20M, 302M, the “06 female, the Canyon alpha female and many more. Many wolves are honored with their pictures.

Currently the Yellowstone Wolf project and collaborating agencies have used over 1200 ear tag numbers while radio collaring the wolves. Range maps show the spread of the wolves since reintroduction and the lands the packs occupy outside national Yellowstone National Park.

Detailed information is provided on how to access the interactive family tree stored on ancestry.com. In ancestry readers will be able to view descendants, pedigree and family trees going back to the original packs in Canada. From ancestry, users of the family trees can make their own celebratory books and posters. There is even an ancestry phone apps that allows users to carry the detailed information with them into the field.

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